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Carozzeria Cawai Co.© 2012 • PRIVACY POLICY

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Blade Making by High Purity Zirconia Ceramics


1. Ultra-High Pressure Press Molding

With a massive 200 tons super-high pressing machine, a skilled technician carefully molds one by one from powder of a high purity zirconia ceramics. Courteous molding is the first important process which affects functions and quality in the end.


2. Ultra-High Temperature Firing

The high purity zirconia ceramics can only be fired at 1,600℃ or more that consumes much fuel at such super high temperature. Through cooling down slowly after having taken ample times to bake hardening it carefully, the base material of thin, strong and beautiful highest quality blade can only be obtained. It is the process requiring a high degree of the state-of-the art technology.


3. Flatly Processing

First of all, scrape away the surface carefully to obtain the base creating the good-quality sharpness and make a very high accurate flat-surface.


4. Processing to the shape of the blade

Proceed scraping away the surface carefully to achieve "configuration of the blade" that combines the sharpness and durability. The know-how to realize superior quality sharpness and cutting feeling is included in this "configuration".


5. Process of Mirror-Polished Finish

Through polishing high purity zirconia ceramics carefully, it makes a beautiful shine as pearls. The blade material that accentuates in-mold decoration of an overglaze and enhances the dignity of the whole is completed.


Making White Porcelain Handles


6. Cast Moldings

A skilled craftsman manually produces handles one by one carefully.

Pour slurry slowly into the plaster mold, lay it a certain amount of time and remove sludge carefully after the soil has hardened to a sufficient thickness. After opening the mold, the handle shaped biscuit has been formed.


7. Biscuit Firing

Dry moisture of the bisque sufficiently to improve simultaneously to be glazed well, proceed biscuit firing at 800℃to increase the strength.


8. Glost Firing

Draw out the goodness of the material to the maximum and bake it politely at a high temperature 1,350℃ in order to realize the superlative texture and a beautiful whiteness. Various know-how is crammed in the firing method to finish up the product beautifully.


Overglaze Decoration


9. Overglaze Transfer Printing

Stick the transfer paper to be used for the tableware on  handles and the blade manually and carefully. Because the blade is especially made of ceramics, a special technique and time are essential to allow close fitting with the transfer paper.


10. Brush Painting of Gold Plating Liquid and Overglaze

Manually paint overglaze colors and gold plating liquid with a minute attention by a skilled craftsman and finish it up. It is a delicate task requiring a high skilled technology in an important process that affects the dignity of the product.


11. Firing Overglaze

By firing it at 800℃ same as a tableware in order to fuse in-mold decoration, it completes by obtaining the equivalent durability as the tableware. To make color development beautiful, distinctive know-how to the firing way is necessary. The firing will remove impurities from the baked gold and it will be a very high purity which is extremely close to the pure gold of 24K.




12. Assembly

Adhere the blade, bolsters (flange) and handles one by one under the handwork of the craftsman and assemble it. While rubbing white porcelain handle with having an individual difference, takes time and expert technique to adhere straight. Complete assembly while controlling strictly in about 48 hours until being coagulated.


13. Edge Beveling

A skilled craftsman carefully finishes up the edge bevel which is decisive factor of the final sharpness.


14. Finish Polishing

Wipe off it with using the finishing cloth carefully while removing extra attached substances and dirt, etc. and bring the product to completion. Polishing Gold with gold-brightening agent emits more lofty brightness.